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Stepper Machine Benefits

Used gym equipment stepperStepper machines provide aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise of any kind provides many health benefits, depending on the intensity, duration and frequency of your workouts. Generally, exercising regularly on a stair-stepper machine can develop cardiovascular fitness, enhance lower-body muscles and burn calories.

Low-Impact Exercise

Although stepper machines provide a low-impact workout, stair-climbing motions can be strenuous on the knees, especially for beginners. If you’re not sure whether stair-climbing activities are suitable for you, discuss your options with your doctor.

Muscle Development

Stair steppers target muscles in the buttocks, hips, calves and thighs. The exact effect stepper machines will have on these muscle groups depends on the intensity of your workouts and many other factors, such as your diet and other physical activities. Generally, you can expect that frequently exercising any muscle group will strengthen those muscles and develop muscle tone. But contrary to popular myth, stair-climbing activities will not build bulky leg muscles, the only way to increase muscle size significantly is to engage in intense, progressive strength training.

Calorie Burning

Using a stair-stepper machine burns a significant number of calories. For example, a 58Kg person exercising for 30 minutes on a stair-stepper machine might burn 180 calories, depending on intensity. As you are lifting your body weight heavier people will burn more calories, and lighter people will burn fewer calories.

Stepper machine types

Stepper machines vary in size and complexity. They range from a mini stepper though to full mechanized stair climbers.

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