Treadmill repairs

Treadmill Repair Melbourne  specialize  in treadmill service and repair. We maintain treadmills and other equipment  both commercial & domestic. Brands include

  • Commercial Equipment
    Life, Stairmaster, Startrac, Quinton, True, Sportsart,Precor, Johnson, First Degree Fitness, Universal,
    plus many more.
  • Domestic
    York, Healthstream, Repco, Nordic Track, Vison, Proform, just to name a few.
  • Treadmills are the core component to many large gyms. Regular maintenance to your treadmills in off peak hours can ensure they remain operational at your busiest times.
  • All repairs and maintenance to treadmills are guaranteed, and we pride ourselves on fast turn around times in the event of unexpected breakdown.

Treadmill Repair Melbourne  provide on site repairs in all areas of Melbourne & outer suburbs.   We will diagnose, repair, and resurrect your treadmill, in most most cases within the hour allowing you to resume your fitness program immediately.
If your treadmill will not begin, incline breaks down, is noisy, has an error code, blows a fuse , trips a circuit breaker, requires preventive maintenance or a “tune-up”, running belt moves, jerks, torn, slips, skips or is off to one side, displays error,  won’t illumine, lost safety magnet, not able to enter your weight, drive belt worn or squeeks, or if you’re having any other issue with your treadmill, for quick assistance at competitive rates contact  Treadmill Repair Melbourne
Some common problems which can occur with your treadmill
Dirty dusty treadmills
Keep your treadmill dust & dirt free.   To ensure the longevity of the machine  It is important that the motor & other parts are kept dust & dirt free.  This is easily achieved  by  frequent cleaning of the running belt &  vacuuming beneath the deck and motor cover.  It is also important to place a  treadmill mat under the machine.  Most standard household surface cleaners are suitable   for use to clean the running belt surface. You may also consider using a treadmill cover.
Removal of the motor cover for internal cleaning is easy to do. ALWAYS ENSURE THE POWER IS TURNED OFF AND THE POWER LEAD UNPLUGGED.
Once the motor cover is removed, very gently  vacuum the internal Parts  of the treadmill including electrical circuits, drive motor and elevation motor. Completely Clean all internal Parts any other areas that appear to be dusty or dirty
damaged / broken decks
A broken treadmill deck is quite common. It feels like your feet are angled inwards you have probably broken the deck.  If this is the case  you must cease using the machine immediately as it is a safety hazard. it could lead to injury and more damage to your treadmill. Treadmill decks can brake from wear & tear or maybe your too heavy for the treadmill. Treadmill decks also brake from being used without lubrication ,  We can replace your belt and deck with parts over the counter or we have them custom made .

Treadmill motor replacement

Treadmill motors can cease working due to  age, wear or poor maintenance.  Motor bearings  motor may  become noisy, the motor itself may over heat from poor maintenance . Significant stress loads from worn belts and decks or from misuse of the treadmill can cause a treadmill motor to fail. If your treadmill smells hot or the motor appears to be labouring , your motor or running belt and deck might  need replacing.
To help prolong the life of the Motor refer to the above  “keeping your treadmill free from dust & dirt”
Motor & circuit board problems
Treadmill motors & circuit boards can stop working for many reasons . It can be  caused by age, stress, or power surges, however the most common cause of failure of the treadmill circuit board is a worn belt and deck. The added friction from the worn running belt and deck overload the circuit board and or motor.  Depending on the damage we may be able to repair  the circuit board  otherwise  we can replace it with a new one.  Generally  with a circuit  board failure the treadmill with stop abruptly and come up with an E1 error.  If this occurs, switch your treadmill off at the wall immediately and give us a call.
An error message displayed on my treadmill console
There are various error messages which cmay  be displayed on your console.  The error message will depend on machine & brand.  We recommend you contact us for the clarification  In the event of any error message
Why to  TreadMill Repairs Melbourne (Gymassist)

  • Additional Diagnostics

we provide full inspection and diagnostics of whole treadmill including bolts, screws, adjusting running belts, improvement motor parts, diagnostic codes and recalibrations.

  • Cost-Effective :

Our rates are amongst the most competitive In Melbourne.

  • On-Site Field Service :

Out technicians have had many years on the job experience.  Services are managed on-site at all times.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee :

We will always guarantee our work. If the same problem occurs we will return free of charge.