Cardio equipment repairs

Melbourne Treadmill repairs Gymassist  provides prompt, professional repair service, preventive maintenance and parts for indoor rowers, as well as, for treadmills, ellipticals, home gyms, commercial gyms, exercise bikes, skiers, steppers & more.

Melbourne Treadmill repairs Gymassist  deal s  with all  Brands including but are not limited to Life fitness, Schwinn, Life Cycle, Nautilus, Proform, Tunturi, LifeGear  NordicTrack, Infiniti,  Matrix,  Avanti, Healthstream,  York, Stairmaster, Hyperextension ,Technogym, Vision, True, Fitnes, Nautilus


Bikes, ellipticals  & rowers contain numerous moving parts & as the machines ages there will be a notable increase in Noise & impairments in the performance of the machine. Many of these machines are often neglected & do not receive routine maintenance. This failure to maintain the machines will ultimately result in issues which require replacement or repair.

If you are experiencing problems with your bike elliptical or rower  the cause is most likely to be  one or more of the following:

  • Worn pedals
  • Worn drive belts
  • Worn bearings
  • Resistance Motor problems
  • Console issues
  • Axle Movement
  • Loose nuts & bolts
  • Worn Pivot points


Exercise bikes

If your stationary bike is not turning on or the pedals are not rotating as they should, you may need repair help. Whether it is a recumbent bike or an upright model,  our technicians can diagnose and repair your exercise bike in no time. With thousands of repair technicians available nationwide, we can handle just about any issue. We service top stationary bike brands,.


Rowing machines

Does your rowing machine have a broken chain? Is the chain kinked or twisted? Is the shock cord broken? Is the flex foot or the footplate broken? Is the seat ripped, cracked or damaged? Does the rower seat not feel smooth? Are the seat rollers worn? Does the rowing ergometer monitor not work? Does the monitor not count the strokes? Is the monitor screen damaged? Is the rower noisy or grinding? Does your rowing machine need preventive maintenance? If you are having these or any other problem with your indoor rower, contact EMPIRE FITNESS SERVICES for assistance.

To help maintain your rower in good repair
•       Remove excessive accumulation of dust, dirt, sweat, and other substances by using a clean soft

cloth and a liquid non-abrasive cleaner such as Fitness Equipment Polish. Wipe down the entire

machine except for the chain.  Do this on a daily – weekly basis

·         Vacuum around and under the rower. Move the rower so that you can better vacuum under the machine. – do this weekly

·         Test the rower to make sure that the machine is working properly and that the display is working properly. If it is malfunctioning in any way inform the owner or manager so that they can make arrangements to have it inspected or repaired.  – Do this weekly

·         Clean and lubricate the chain with a light chain oil such as White Lightning, that can be purchased from Gym Tech.  – do this Monthly

Maintenance Tip: The chain is constantly being used, it is also outside of the machine when in use. Be Sure to clean and lubricate the chain regularly.



Cross Trainers Ellipticals

Scheduled Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Annual, and Annual Maintenance for Elliptical Trainers


  • Cleanaccessory tray or bottle storage weekly and inspect monthly for damage
  • Required scheduled preventative maintenance varies by equipment type and manufacturer
  • Clean and dry the frame thoroughly weekly and inspect annually for damage
  • Always refer to an authorized service technician for repairs, replacement parts, and service
  • Clean display console weekly and inspect monthly for damage
  • Inspect console mounting bi-annually
  • Clean plastic cover and trim pieces weekly and inspect monthly for cracks

Inspection, Repair, Common Problems, Noise, Wear Items on Elliptical Trainers

Concerns related to cross trainer elliptical operation often include noise, misalignment, & failure of parts. The more moving parts a machine has the more complex its operation may be. Moving parts require exact  alignment, lubrication & balance of friction.  If the xtrainer is noisy during operation  it may be due to one of the abovementioned issues.  Sometimes  a bent or misaligned bolt or plastic housing can be the cause of noise . If the incline motor  is becoming problematic  or if If ramp wheels are damaged the the xtrainer may become begin to jolt whilst in use.  Elliptical trainer drive belts, pulleys, cords and electrical components can become loose, degrade or disengage  subject to the usage of the machine.


It is recommended that only a certified technician should service the elliptical machines components or parts. Warranty guidelines advise  owners to  complete only general preventative maintenance and cleaning of  the  machine. Replacing parts including electronics, display console, drive belts, incline Owners must  read the user manual in its entirety. Failure to comply with specific guidelines related to use May  void the manufactures warranty.. By adhering to these simple  cleaning tips and regular maintenance schedule of a new cross trainer users can be assured  that this equipment will be protected for many years of operation.